Day One of Holy Land Adventure

Day One of Holy Land Adventure

Well, it has been a long day! Actually, a long day and a half! We left Friday morning around 9 AM on a bus for Washington, DC. Since that time we have been on planes, trains, and automobiles (buses) for the last 32 hours. After a transfer in Instanbul, Turkey, we arrived in Israel a little after 8: 30 PM on Saturday (that’s here, 1:30 PM EST). Even though I slept for a few hours here and there on the trip, I will still be able to get a good night’s sleep before our big day tomorrow when we visit Caeserea, Meggido, and Nazareth. I’ll spare you all the anecdotal details thus far, but here are today’s highlights.

– Flying internationally was a new experience for me. Being at the gate, and realzing you are the minority is somewhat unnerving. Everything that is written or said is in a different language, and when English is provided, it is said after the other language(s). For me that was a new experience, and gave me a whole new perspective on what it feels like to be a minority. Everything has an added dose of anxiety, since I am not completely confident I can communicate what I want to those who know very little English. In fact, I just returned from a wrestling match with the downstairs vending machine because it’s voice automated system was telling me something and I didn’t know what to do.

– Flying Turkish Airlines was a real pleasure. The technology they have on board is impressive. Every seat was equipped with its own touch screen media center that had movies, music, and TV shows on it. For my trip I watched Anchor Man 2, Lego Movie, and Big Bang Theory. The food was pretty good too. I had smoked salmon, grilled chicken, and stuffed egg plant.

– Israel itself is not too unlike the USA, at least not so far. The interstates look the same, same road signage, etc. The temps are warm here, but not hot- mid-70s. I look forward to being able to put the biblical stories in real space in my ind- space filled with the wind blowing, the birds chirping, etc. More on that anon!


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