How I serve the church.

I have been preaching the gospel since I was 17 years old! It is where my passion for the church is rooted. I still believe in the important role of preaching in the life of the church.


I am a gifted teacher who loves digging into the Scriptures and teaching others how to do the same. I take complex subjects and make them simple, inspirational, and applicable.


I reach across the lines of denominations, creeds, and race to join with the whole body of Christ. Our communities are filled with people in need, and unity is our best path for justice.

Dynamic Preaching

If you are looking for someone to fill in for you, or just need someone to come and bring and encouraging and challenging word, I would love to serve your church. I am a seasoned preacher with over a decade of experience. Regardless of the church or congregation, my preaching has a way of reaching everyone in the crowd and leaving them with something that will aid in their development as a disciple of Jesus.

Teaching Revivals

Teaching is an important part of what I do. I lead weekly or weekend intensives on a variety of subjects. I can also prepare a study you request. These ``teaching revivals`` will take your church through an entire subject, book of the Bible, character study, or theological/spiritual reflection in a limited amount of days.

Youth Events

I have taught at statewide youth camps, and carried out workshops for youth at local churches. I like to introduce young people to the study of the Scriptures, and to special biblical interests, like social justice. If you are looking for someone for your next event or retreat, contact me.

Social Justice

I believe that Jesus was serious when he said, ``God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied`` (Matt. 5:6 NLT). Every ministry should have has its end goal the just restoration of all things: souls, communities, families, and bodies. I like to teach congregations how they can carry out God's mission for justice in the world. I also collaborate with others who are on the front lines of justice ministries. If you would like me to help your church or youth group understand the biblical call to pursue justice, please contact me.